Why your website should be mobile ready by 2017


In case it isn’t already, your website must be mobile ready / friendly by 2017.
Do you browse the internet while waiting in line? Do you check your Instagram, Whatsapp and other apps on your phone when you’re bored?
Well, you are not alone.
Many people use their phones a lot throughout the day. That’s exactly why mobile is where Facebook and Google are focusing their efforts.
But mobile is not just for fun. There are many businesses out there that want to make their services available here and now, so their customers can connect with them immediately.
So why not make it easier for consumers to see what’s on the page and click the buttons without having to zoom in? No company should treat their customers like that in 2017.

These are the top reasons why your website needs to be mobile friendly too.
1. Mobile use is growing
Mobile and tablet use has already overtaken desktop as the main way of browsing the web. As more and more people have smartphones, it is expected that their daily use of mobile for browsing the web will only increase in time.
This means that having a mobile website is no longer a luxury. It has become a basic need.

2. Google says so
And we know how important Google is for your website ranking. Google prefers the websites that have excellent mobile-view compatibility.
This is because Google takes user experience seriously.
Websites that are designed for desktops only will never offer the same experience as the ones designed for desktop and mobile use. You can even test whether your website is mobile friendly enough for Google.

3. Mobile users spend more money
Did you know that the most of the online marketing sales come through mobile devices?
Just like other entrepreneurs, your main goal is to earn as much money as possible. That’s why investing into a responsive website is always a good business idea.

4. It’s a competitive advantage
According to a research on what makes a website successful, it has been found that around 60% of business websites are not mobile friendly! This is a great gap that your website can fill before your competitors do.

5. Most web traffic comes through mobile
Most of the web searches come through mobile devices and tablets. Google has also confirmed that these searches have surpassed desktop searches in various countries. As more users browse and shop through their phones and tablets, you need to make sure your customers won’t bounce to other websites.

6. Mobile experience is special
Desktop and mobile users are not the same. They all consume content differently, which influences their online habits.
Mobile users prefer visual and video content over written formats.
This is partly a result of having a smaller screen, but also, people are on the move and face more interruptions than the ones who are sitting at their desks.

In the world of mobile, having a non-responsive website is one of the best ways to lose customers. Have in mind that people don’t like to wait nowadays. If they can’t find what they are looking for in a few seconds, they will go to another website.
We are also well past the point where mobile has surpassed desktop use. Plus, Google will “love” your website more if it’s mobile friendly!
                      **by Digital Marketer | Feb 24, 2017

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